Feudal Sampire Suit

Starting at: $120.00

This is the highest end Sampire Suit I make at this time. Built around Cameo Talismans this suit utilizes super slayer on both the talismans and the weapons to achieve maximum Damage Modifier towards targets with super slayer. It also achieves maximum damage increase, 150 Strength with Weapon Mastery, overcapped dex, and enough swing speed increase on the suit to swing a double axe at 1.25s at 150 stamina. 

The + Model also includes Damage Eater. 

Suit in Action

*Price includes an arachnid or elemental cameo, depending on our stock. 

Stats for Suit with All Artifacts Equipped 
75/100/75/75/80 (Refined for 75/75/74/75/80) 
7 Mana Regeneration 
5 Hit Point Regeneration 
3 Stamin Regeneration 
32 Mana Increase 
34 Stamina Increase 
25 Hit Point Increase 
50% Lower Mana Cost 
100% Damage Increase 
30% Swing Speed Increase (35 with town buff)
40% Hit Chance Increase (+5 From Weapon Mastery)
20% Defense Chance Increase (Refined Cap) 
8% Spell Damage Increase 
24 Strength Bonus (+5 From Weapon Mastery)
4 Intelligence Bonus 
30 Dexterity Bonus 
+30 Skill of your Choice

Artifacts Used 
Hawkwind Robe 
Rangers Cloak of Augmentation 
Crimson Cincture 
Shanty Waders/Anon's Boots 
Enchantress Cameo 


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