King Greg Pvm Comp Bow Set


8 Composite Bows for All Occasions.

Each Bow is 100% Elemental Damage Geared towards the average lowest resist for that monster class.

100% Cold Dragon Slayer (Rikktor, Stygian, Greaters, Regular Dragons) 

100% Fire Spider Slayer (Mephitis, Navrey)

100% Cold Repond Slayer

100% Cold Demon Slayer

100% Fire Undead Slayer

100% Fire Elemental Slayer

100% Fire Arachnid Slayer

100% Cold Reptile Slayer  


Each Imbued with

50% Damage Increase
30% Swing Speed Increase (Enhanced to 40%)
28% Mana Leech
50% Stamina Leech  

*24 Hour delivery, King Greg Handles all crafting and Isn't Always around 24/7.   *If you want to change the way the bows are imbued or which Elemental Damage is Used or Subsitute in a 50% Ssi bow instead of 100% Elemental Damage, just ring into chat and ask for King Greg.  

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